Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation:

shp logo 200pxThe principles of SHP patronage of scientific conferences and awarding allowances for young fellows' participation in scientific conferences.

A. SHP patronage

1. At a request of the event administrators, Societas Humboldtiana Polonorum can take on patronage of a scientific conference in any field of science.

2. Political, religious, promotional, business, commercial, cultural or sport events cannot be included in patronage refund programme.

3. Decisions of patronage refunds with respect to events are made by the SHP Executive Comittee.

B. Allowances for costs of scientific conferences granted to young scholars.

1. Young scholars who plan to participate in scientific conferences may apply for participation grants offered within the frameworks of the programme "Humboldtians for Young Scientists".

2. Funds can only be awarded if all the following criteria are met:

- the conference will be held in Poland;
- the grant winner must be less than 35 years of age; the grant is requested for a young research scholar who is the author or co-author of the thesis, announcement or poster accepted to be read out as part of the conference programme or to be published after the conference.
- Advisory and supervisory support of the young scholar must be provided by a member of the Societas Humboldtiana Polonorum.
- SHP grant award must be expressly stated during the scholar's speech, poster presentation or in post-conference publication.

3. The funding can be used, for example, for financing conference participation fees, travel and/or accommodation costs. Costs will be paid by SHP under a VAT invoice issued in the name of the Societas Humboldtiana Polonorum as the Buyer in case of conference fees and accommodation, and tickets in case of travel costs. The conference fee with respect to participation of a young research scholar may be transferred by SHP directly to the bank account of the event managers.

4. An application for an allowance for young research scholar's participation in a conference is filed by a SHP member to the local Branch. Each application must include:

- an application form completed by the young research scholar,
- a reference letter provided by the SHP member,
- a conference programnme,
- a certificate of acceptance of the thesis, announcement or poster.

The application form can be completed and submitted online to the email address of the Branch Chair.

5. Branches provide their comments and remarks with respect to the applications submitted (on the application form) and send them to the email address of the Secretary General of the SHP Board of Governors.

6. The decision of accepting or rejecting of the allowance application is made by the SHP Board of Governors. The applications are reviewed on the following dates: 31 March, 30 June, 30 September, 31 December. The allowance granted per one application cannot exceed PLN 1,000 (one thousand zlotys). The expected amount of grants to be provided annually should not be more than PLN 20,000 (twenty thousand zlotys). Funds not used during one edition may be spent next year.


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